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I'm Back [Sorta]
Hello, my name is Mario Diaz. So you may be wondering why I'm here instead of Modest. Well after a few incidents on Deviantart, she asked me to run this for her. And while at first I was reluctant, I eventually said yes. So while the content will still be mostly hers, I will be uploading content and managing her channel as well. So although the content is still hers, I'm in charge to avoid any more sexual harrassment on her.
Thank you for understanding
:iconmodestgal123:ModestGal123 0 0
Good Bye Devianart
It's been too much. Trying to appease the people. Hiding my work/fetish from my friends and family. School.
It's all slowly killing me and I can't bear it. I was being both harassed by haters and fans. People will beg me to do something, and when I do it, they nitpick on one little thing. Guys will hit on me or ask me to fart for them with the knowledge that I am Homosexual. Not to mention the fact that I've been trying to hang out with my Girlfriend more, leaving me with less time to work on this.
It's hard to believe the shit that fetishists have to deal with. I really love those guys who put in so much more work into dealing with everyone, as it's something I can't do. And they all have each other's back! They trade art and whenever some jackass starts acting like a dick in the comments, other people will come to the rescue. But it's only other fetishists. I personally have been given more shit for having a fart fetish than I have for being homosexual, and there are litterally peopl
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The Fart Powder Prank
One of the biggest parts of middle school was pranks. Rather it be a sticky note on the back or tripping them down the stairs. But some pranks are much more humiliating than others.
Back in 7th grade, my farty friend Allison thought it’d be funny to put some farting powder in my milk. While at first I didn’t notice, it wouldn't be long until I did. By the next class in Gym, I could feel my stomach grumbling. As per usual, we began our usual stretches.
First we had to bend over and touch our toes. As I bent down to try
I was extremely embarrassed, but the teacher told me to just keep on going. So I bent down again
This fart had much more of a presence, a big and brassy fart amplified by my tight gym shorts, which caused a heavy smell of rotten eggs to fill the air. I tried to hold both my position and my gas at the same time, but unfortunately my stomach had other plans
Yet for some reason, the teaher still refused to
:iconmodestgal123:ModestGal123 15 2


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Farting is one of those Double edged swords in high school. On the plus side, I always loved the rumbly feeling my ass made as I farted over and over again. Also, if I ever needed space:


And like that they were gone.

But one thing I never mentioned were the times my ass got… out of control. There were some days where I couldn’t stop farting no matter how hard I clenched my butt.

It’d always be:


Then 5 seconds later


Another 5 seconds


And so on.

One day in Biology, I had one of those out of control fart days. It was a cloudy afternoon as I was busy tapping away on my laptop trying to finish my report. When all of a sudden my stomach let out a loud growl. Although I was embarrassed, my classmates knew I was gassy so we all thought nothing of it. But then as I tried to let one quietly slip:


It was like an earthquake went on in my ass as I let an unusually long fart rip. The heat of the fart was making my legs and butt drip with sweat.

I gave off my awkward “Excuse me” giggle and continued. But as time went on more and more farts had begun forcing themselves out and filling the room with the awful sulphury scent I was known for.

But that wasn’t the end. As I tried to let a big one out of my ass


I had sharted ultra hard in my underwear and there was no sign of me stopping. I physically forced my butt cheeks together as I ran down the incredibly long hallway, farting and sharting on the way as shit began to drip down my butt.

I had finally made my way to the bathroom, but there was a girl about to go into the stall.

“  WAIT!!! I’M SHITTING MYSELF” I yelled at the girl as she was about to open the door, my loud sharts almost drowning out my voice.


Fortunately, it was my good friend and fellow fart enthusiast, Allison. Since she already knew that I desperately needed to go to the bathroom, she let me go in.

“Oh thank god, Allison!” I sighed as I finally let loose my sharts that I had been trying to hold back. “I would’ve shit all over the floor if it wasn’t for you!”

“No problem girl!” She replied in her usual cheery tone. “Just one thing while we're here…”

Before I could even ask what, she immediately let a forceful one rip.


Although we had fun farting our asses off while the teacher allowed her to stay in the bathroom with me since I was sick, I never really did stop farting. After about 30 minutes, the nurse called my mom to come pick me up. It was still fun having a farting contest with her. But you know what? This isn’t the only time I’ve sharted in school…



Mario Diaz
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